Scale to the 🌝  with ultra-fast VC Funding + Award-Winning 🚀
fintech Strategy

We help your Tech company Get Funded

Just like the $500m+ we did for others.

We guarantee a qualified introduction in 90 days.
Scale to the 🌝  with ultra-fast VC Funding + Award-Winning 🚀 Web3 Strategy

We get your Web3 company Funded. 

If You Don’t See Get 1 Qualified Introduction Within 90 Days, We’ll Refund 100% of any investment in us + $1500 USDC For Wasting Your Time.

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A Smarter Way To raise capital for Your Technology Project



We strive for excellence at RayneHoldingsConsulting™ by developing the online presence of our clients. Appreciating the need to engage with VC funding to maintain continual growth, we ensure that your brand's message will reach as far and wide as possible.We have 1 goal. Get YOU Funded.

Rayne Holdings

We’re passionate about our clients' success. Tapping into what it is you do on a deeper level than your average funder, this way we can really captivate your messaging so you are able to have investors eating out your palms. Our client case studies have become a myth, our waiting list is longer than your complaints with your current ‘venture studio partner’ and we look to represent a very specific kind of client. Maybe that’s you: it would be our honor to find out. 

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We review your project documentation

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Answer within 3 days

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Immediate introductions to our funders

We guarantee a qualified introduction in 90 days.

Rayne holdings
‍Consulting™ Is Your Go-To
Tech Funding partner

Gone are the days when you solely rely on crunchbase. Your funders are waiting  and you need a heavy hitter in your corner ready to go 12 rounds in order to get your capital raise in front of them. HOOK, STORY, OFFER. This will have investors eating out your hands.

Our VC Network: 350+
Total Client Ad Spend needed: £0
Clients Helped: 50+
Total raised: 500m+
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A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template
A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template
Trusted by
+15,000 Users
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Common Mistakes tech Companies Face when raising capital

Creating useless Pitch Decks that aren’t designed for converting VC’s
NO lead generation strategy for booking meetings
Spamming VC’s with emails
Spending thousands on PR with no real strategy
We guarantee a qualified introduction in 90 days.

Here’s what RayneHoldings

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Pre funding documents

i) Whitepapers
ii) 1 Pagers & Pitch Decks
iii) Tokenomics

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Investor meeting Generation.

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Capital Raises & Investor Relations.

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All funding rounds welcome.

Let’s Chat
We guarantee a qualified introduction in 90 days.

Before Rayne Holdings

Complete Reliance on venture studios with no track record

Ad Spend Wasted On Frivolous advertising & Questionable strategy

Lack of strategy to generate investor meetings on autopilot

Failed Scaling Attempts

After Planet

NO more ad spend needed

High Performing hook, story offer based pitch deck & 1-pager.

Booking meetings with VC investors while you sleep

Qualified introductions to our funding partners

Implementation of Award-Winning Web3 lead generation strategy

We guarantee a qualified introduction in 90 days.

We’ve done this before...On
the grand stage too

About Rayne holdings

RayneHoldingsConsultingyour capital raise best friend. Our main goal is to help you achieve funding for your company, whether it’s startup or growth capital we’re here to help. We’ve worked with raises as small as 100k and as large as 100M+! Our team of heavy hitters are able to create meaningful messaging for your brand that resonates with investors to help you achieve funding with ease.We do this through creation of your pre-funding documents, paired with smart introductions and lead generation to book investor meetings on autopilot.
We have 1 goal: Get YOU funded. 

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We do a deep dive into your Capital Raise desires and how you want to raise eg VC, angel, debt, equity or tokens (or a mixture)


We review your documents (Pitch deck etc), and make changes where we see fit to the offer, messaging & strategy. 


We make immediate introductions to our funding partners for you to pitch your desire for capital.


Once identified, we run outbound lead generation campaigns to our 750+  investor connections in tandem with our introductions to see further success.


We book meetings on autopilot to get you funded. It’s that simple!

All Your Questions Answered

Still, have some questions? We’ve got you covered!
Below, we’ve answered the most common questions we get from business owners. Check them out and see if we can put your mind at ease:

What happens on our discovery call?

On our 30-minute discovery call, we’ll ask you questions about your business and what your goals are. We’re really just trying to figure out how we can help you. You’re free to ask us any questions you have about us, too!
*Prior to our call you will be emailed to send us your documents, your call will be cancelled if you do not submit these documents.

How is rayneholdingsConsulting™ different from every other agency out there?

We don’t care about NOTHING but the output we’re able to achieve. We don’t have fancy offices & over ridiculous overheads, we have to pay. This is reflected in our success-based pricing structure.

We’re a lean, mean company with results at the forefront with an active guarantee on our services. If you want a partner where with two clicks, you can get a clear roadmap to funding - we’re for you. 

Why can’t I just hire my own in-house funding team?

You can, but hiring a team of ‘experts’ takes a lot of time and money. Training them and getting them up to build relationships with VC’s is a losing battle if you want to do it fast.

What are the exact terms of the guarantee?

When we do an initial look at your documents, we’ll have a complete snapshot of the work that needs to be done to get you funded. If after 90 days we aren't able to make you an introduction to a qualified interested funder, you don’t pay a dime.

How do I know you guys are legit?

Just have a look at our case studies - we’ve worked with Web3 brands like the lofts, invisible friends & fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Intel & Samsung PLUS you’re not obligated to be out of pocket unless we deliver results. We want to give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not blindly trusting another ‘Venture studio’. You’re covered on all ends.